My whole life I have enjoyed getting out and being in nature.  Growing into a young man I had opportunities to travel and see different parts of the country and what the landscapes looked like in those places.  Tennessee is a perfect location for me as it has many dynamic natural landscapes.  I have always been drawn to the water because of how soothing it is to see and hear, the same reason people are drawn to beaches. Many people don’t get the opportunity to visit these places but still find the visual to be soothing.  I have focused on being able to capture the feeling a waterfall provides in my images to bring as much of that location to my audience as possible.  Owning an image of nature helps calm the mind and provides a temporary break from the day to day stresses one may experience in today’s fast paced environments.

Cane Creek and Rockhouse Falls

Sunrise at the Narrows of the Harpeth

Waterloo Falls

Sunshine on Cane Creek

Radnor Lake at Blue Hour

Sunset on Percy Priest Lake

Fancher Falls

Foster and Horsehair Falls

Horsepound Falls

Snow on Radnor Lake

Looking over the Edge

Sunset over the Smokeys