Just as I have chosen to plant my flag in Tennessee, many other people have chosen to live here in Nashville/Franklin for their own particular reasons.  No one can deny the draw of our location with the ever growing attraction that has caused our population and popularity to blossom over the last 10 years.  There is a sense of pride and stability that comes from knowing you have chosen a great place to live.  For those many different reasons, we all connect with a visual representation of our location in a very personal way.  For me, I love a hometown feel and I get nostalgic thinking of both the history and current happenings of where I live.  I also love seeing old images of where I live to understand what life was like in the past and to see how much things have changed.  One thing that inspires me to capture local images is to know that one day someone will look at one of my images and get that feeling of nostalgia.

The White Building at Five Points

Lights on Main

Color on the Square

Under a Blanket

At the Mall

Veteran's Bridge

On the Rooftops of Franklin

Sunset at Harlinsdale

A Bottle of Red