About Scott DuBose


Throughout my life there have been certain things that have brought me a sense of peace and stability.  Two of these things are a connectedness to both nature and where I live.  I have been able to use this passion to go out and capture images that allow others to identify with those types of feelings.  My images come from the beautiful east Tennessee region as well as the increasingly popular cities of Franklin and Nashville.  I am a local artist looking to provide my images locally so anyone owning them can feel that same sense of connection, a sense of connection that you just can’t get from images that are available elsewhere.


I am a Nashville based Photographer offering prints for sale.  I also offer a service of collaboration to create a collection that would be specific to your needs for personal or business use.  Feel free to connect with me by phone or though my contact page.  My current images are available to browse in my two collections, AROUND TOWN and NATURE AND WATERFALLS.  More images are available to view on my instagram account @scott_dubose_photography.